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ACUSTRIP 5610 pH Pen - $39.00
pH Pen Buffers 4.01 - Ten Capsules - $10.00
pH Pen Buffers 7.01 - Ten Capsules - $10.00
pH Pen Buffers 10.01 - Ten Capsules - $10.00

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5610 pH Pen

Maintaining the appropriate pH level is crucial to the protection of your cooling system and preventing costly repairs. Acids may form in engine coolants that are exposed to combustion gases, metals from corrosion, and poor quality water. A low pH indicates that corrosion of engine copper, and iron-based materials is taking place. Higher than normal Alkalinity indicates that aluminum corrosion or silicate depletion is occurring. The Acustrip pH pen offers a digital readout of the pH level, where users prefer greater precision than provided by Acustrip test strips. The specific range and sensitivity are as follows:
  • Range: 0.0 to 14.0
  • pH Resolution: 0.1
  • pH Accuracy: ±0.1

Diesel Emission Fluid (DEF) ISO22241 requires ISO3696 Type 3 water for the manufacture of Quality DEF (Urea). The specified pH range is 5.0 to 7.5 at 25 degrees centigrade. Regular testing of the make-up water will minimize the risk of using off-spec water.

ACUSTRIP 5610Pen Support Documents

The following support documents are available for the ACUSTRIP 5610Pen. You will need the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader to read these documents

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